Choosing Paths

Have you ever just got up one morning and realised it feels like the exact same day?

When you have a daily routine, it puts you into a weird funk. You feel like every day ‘needs’ to be the same, for it to be considered normal. Of course It’s fine to have routines but it’s also dangerous if they lead you down a path that’s hard to back track. For example, being addicted to your phone, eating crap food every night, spending your money on material items every pay day, never learning something new or just in general, being lazy. I do all of these things and I’m pretty sure everyone else does too. So it’s normal, right?....

The saying, ‘do what makes you happy’, is bullshit. Sitting on your phone for hours on end, consuming social media is something your mind craves. But it’s not what it needs. You can waste a lot of time and effort doing this and the pay off is more depressing in hindsight. It doesn't help we’re bombarded with distractions every day and it’s very hard for our minds to ignore this.

I hate using my phone on the most part. I’m so self conscious of what I look like when glued to it. Yet I’ll sit on it for hours on end when I'm alone. You might think that’s fine but I’m actually just wasting time. For example, with the 2 hours spent on scrolling through my phone, I could spend it on drawing. It’s about balance. It’s good to have that downtime but if you’re never being productive, then it wreaks havoc on your daily routine and takes you down a bad path. It makes me scared of being stuck in a bubble that is self-sustainable. A place where I end up never having to rely on new experiences again.

Daily routine?

Daily routine?

I want to learn new things and become a better designer but I also want to become a better person. There are things I’m ignorant about and flaws that hold me back but this isn’t set in stone. I can reflect on these things and actively combat them. No one has ever just got up one morning and had an entire new out look on life. It doesn’t happen. Despite what you see in the films, it’s not as easy for people to change; It’s a path. You need to choose the right one and stick to it. I dropped out of college because I took the wrong path. And for about a year and a half, I did a lot of stupid shit and wasted a lot of time. It wasn’t until I was working my dead end job that I realised I needed to change something fast.

This leads me to an opinion that I have of my generation; the lack of work ethic. The amount of people who I’ve heard say, “I’m thinking of taking a gap year and travelling”, is astounding. You can travel all your life but to label it as some kind of career path is the lengths that our generation will go, to avoid work! That may not be a popular opinion but you can't deny that everyone just wants to travel and be that person with a hundred holiday selfies on their instagram. The lack of humility is making some people lazy and privileged. The perfect job doesn’t come along on it’s own, you have to work for it! Being uncompromising is dangerous and it’s what leads us down these bad paths.

Self-reflection is hugely important. I don’t want to be stuck in my old ways, being envious of the younger generation. However, to do this, we need to consider our paths and what it will take to get there. If that dead end job gives you enough money to go to University or fund your way down the right path, then do it! But waiting on that perfect oppourtinity to come along, is just not happening.

Being temporarily unhappy is better than being permanently unhappy.