An Outlet For Photos

It occurred to me lately that it had been a while since I took any photos, on my SLR or Mirrorless. Which then made me realise I had no reason to because all my photos were ending up on my hard drive or some obscure folder on my computer. So I've decided to start collating all my edited photos into one place here:

I'm slowly updating it as I go along. I have such a massive backlog of stuff that has never been used or posted anywhere, so I'm making it my mission to sort that out. In other news, ScotlandVR got nominated for best app in Scottish Creative Awards! Amongst the 17 nominations in total for Whitespace. Very exciting! This came after our app got featured on Behance for the 3rd time, giving it a nice little boost in exposure. The one project that keeps on giving! I'm hoping a big job like that comes along again soon.