Working on Your Own Stuff

This has been my internal battle since I got into design. When you clock up the hours of work that is for someone else, you slowly build up a longing to try something new.

When I get home, I tend to make sure that I've actually unwinded. After working solid hours, it's easy to try keep going but you have to try and switch off, or else it catches up with you. This was my issue at first, when I started in the industry. I would keep getting a lust for new things, whenever I seen projects on Behance. I then started planning out long projects, I would try and schedule in. This failed miserably. Instead of actually making any progress on them, I just hated myself. I would then feel guilty when I took time out, watching TV or just relaxing. I seen pass time activities as a digression from progress. It made me pretty ill a few times and I started getting into a place where I felt backed up against a wall.

So, after a few break down moments, it kept echoing in my head that I needed to slow the fuck down.

New years resolution; Stop caring. I took a couple of months off from doing any personal work. I just focused entirely on work at the agency; This was exactly what I needed. I left my work in the office and chilled at night. It was the perfect balance that put my mind at ease. I felt way more stress-free and started really enjoying time with friends and family.

After my little break from personal work, I slowly started getting back into it. A few start up projects burned and crashed quickly but the ones that did take off, were the ones that are quick, easy and satisfying. Thats when I started using Instagram as my go to place for sharing work. I moved away from Behance and started doing micro projects.

It occurred to me that the ideas I have, are just not feasible, unless you had dedicated time and money. Thats when we come back to client work.

I would rather develop my skills and try pitch these ideas to clients, instead of trying to execute it myself, with very limited time and money. In my ideal world, I would post work online, my colleagues or clients see this work and then I'm on the table for doing it professionally. It's really just showing your wares and making sure people know what you can do. That way, the work will come! 

This is my new profound meaning of life. I'm still working on big projects but they're more Edinburgh trams style work; slow and never gets done. But I'm okay with that. Because Im still sharing the work and even if it takes a year to make, it still gets done.