Frustration is a Good Thing

When I was a student, I found myself on many occasions, frustrated, agitated and feeling like I was not trying hard enough. At the time, I blamed this on the course. Being given unrealistic deadlines and never fully feeling satisfied. However, it's coming up to 2 years now since my departure from the course and I've realised that this conditioning that I was put through, was exactly what I needed.

The last time I felt that frustrated, was when I was in a dead end job, which led me to joining college and building a portfolio. This frustration makes you act. If I was contempt with the way things are, I would never be in the place that I am now. And even as I work at my dream job, I am still constantly trying to improve as a person and as a designer. 

I made a lot of mistakes in my life but I also learned a lot too. My course at Napier felt like an experience more than anything. It was almost a wake up call to me that there is something that I could pursue here. Unfortunately it had it's ups and downs but when I think of where I am today, I have the Graphic Design course at Napier to thank for that. If I wasn't so invested in the course, I wouldn't have learned as much as I did.

Frustration is good. Sometimes a shock to the system is just what you need, to put you on the right track.