Portfolio Update

I recently decided to update my website. I made this decision because It was proving to be a bit strenuous on loading the pages but mostly because it was just a stripped back version of my Behance. In fact, it was less up to date than my Behance, defeating the purpose of having a website.

I've been thinking a lot about the outlets for posting work. Behance is certainly the best one for it's connection to the rest of the community. But then you have Instagram, which is connected to everyone. So using those two outlets can be great for directing people to the website. However, that would be great if there was any reason for doing so. The website was looking out of date and I was even considering shutting it down due to the lack of attention I was giving it.

So this leads me to my new layout. I've stripped away the large scrolling pages and gone for an instagram-esque tile layout. It works great for giving a flavour of what I do, whilst allowing me to post big and small projects. Before I was restricted to large projects only, but this lets me post the small afternoon drawings or late night renders. I see my work now as texture. At first glance, people are getting a taste of what I do and as they scroll down, they're starting to see a pattern/ texture. It gives a much wider perception of my work and is very easy to navigate. At some point I will add captions for each one but for now, I don't think it's urgent. If anyone really wanted to learn about the clients I've done work for or the process, they just need to go on my Behance.

So there's the reasoning behind my drastic change in layout. Hopefully I can be less frustrated on not producing enough bigger side projects and enjoy the smaller pieces of work.