Goals n that

My plan for 2017 was to do less and focus more on doing less and being happy for doing less. Instead, I've found myself doing a lot...

So new plan: Do what I want to do but don't care too much.

An issue I had before was constantly living in a place where time was my enemy and I wasn't playing out enough of my ideas. You would think that was mad considering where I work but I'm talking about those kind of ideas that you've had stored away for months/ years. Or the ideas that come in your head as you walk home and the ones that make you so damn excited to being a designer. And dare I say, those ideas that may just inspire others.

I took on an idea of doing portraits every day for the next year. However, I ended up getting quite badly ill for a good week and then I took another week to recover. By the time I was better, the portraits was literally the last thing I wanted to do. However, I feel the idea is still strong enough to run with, so I'm going to continue the portraits, in the comfort of my own time and space. The idea was to post them on Facebook every day, but I'm now going to post them infrequently and in bulk. The added pressure of people I haven't spoke to in years, seeing their portrait, was a little bit too much for an everyday occurrence.

So... Hopefully 2017 is the year I find a balance. One where I feel happy and satisfied. I definitely want to start being more care free and less uptight about stuff.