Late Night Tunes

For years, I've always taken solace in staying up late. Whatever was happening at the time, I always felt like myself and more at peace. When the world around me went to sleep, I could reflect without distraction. Whether I'm just going down the rabbit hole of internet articles, or working on something new, I always felt like I was recharging. I have friends who are similar. In the fact that they embrace that time of isolation and feel better for it.

I guess it's being introverted. But that's not a bad thing. If you spend all day working and talking, you drain energy and need time to recharge. It doesn't mean I hate people, quite the opposite! It means I'll put myself out there when I feel most comfortable doing so. It also allows me to self reflect a lot and be more comfortable with my own thoughts. It's easy to hide behind social interactions and never get that time to yourself. Especially in a time where social media is an integral part of life. The way we're told to be socialising as much as possible. The sign of a more fulfilling life is when it doesn't appear on social media..

Anyway, the point of this post was to share some music/ videos I love to listen to late at night. I always love getting trapped in long playlists on Youtube, that end up revealing some really interesting music. The best thing with Youtube is the videos; sometimes it's fan made or sometime it's made by the production company. Either way, music videos can be very thought provoking. These are just some songs I've found over the years. Give them a listen next time you're working or taking time to yourself.