Be The Best Version of Yourself.

Thinking back to my old student flat, I remembered how my room was plastered with posters, print outs, bits of paper and literally anything that I liked the look of. If it had something inspirational on it (and I don't mean some bullshit about being happy) then it was up. The reason for this was A) to surround myself in graphics I love and find inspiring and B) to create a space that was mine and mine alone. When you sit in a studio shared with other students, the magic is completely gone. You find yourself giving in to every temptation under the sun. Going for coffees, chatting in big groups, going somewhere for lunch that turns into the entire afternoon etc. Not that these are bad things but if your sole reason is to create work, you're going about it the wrong way.

So having that space was nothing short of a safe haven. Away from other designers and other distractions. You're literally in your element. And what that achieved was the self assurance that you're moving towards something (Obviously feedback from others is essential and especially if you're studying!). And it wasn't influenced by anyone else, but your own inspiration. Instead of being told who you should be influenced by and who you should aspire to, you should find your own! There's a lot of designers I really like but I don't ever strive to be like them. Because I'm not.

It's like the dilemma when you're putting together mood boards for pitching to a client. On a lot of occasions, your idea hasn't been done yet and there isn't exactly any visuals to illustrate your idea perfectly. So you make do with what you can find or you mock it up. But the point is you shouldn't just pick the most popular designer and make that your 'mood board'. Get the most obscure shit you can find and make that your inspiration. Collect things that you like, be a savage about it. Just take any inspiration from anywhere you can, because thats probably whats going to be more original and truer to you as a designer.