Getting into the swing

I've managed to get into a slightly better routine of doing my own stuff. Just on Sunday, I spent the afternoon learning Cinema 4D. Although it was just a basic tutorial on how to make cel shaded mountains, I did still learn a lot about HOW cinema 4d is laid out and how it works in general.

I'm proud of that shit! Building mountain-like structures seems to be quite easy, but it's the texturing and colouring that seems quite tricky. I also find my mac doesn't seem to cope all that well, the more effects I add to my objects. So after a while of messing around, I ended up making a fury cube.. As you do.

Not only have I been doing some 3D stuff, but I managed to get some more illustrating on my breaks and at night. At a snails pace mind you. But it's still progress none the less. I'm hoping to have a series of portraits finished and uploaded to my website fairly soon. In the mean time, more in progress snaps!