Animating with Live Action

I have had the recent pleasure of meeting Campfire Agency; a team of filmmakers based in the Biscuit Factory, in Edinburgh. We have been collaborating on a new film that will hopefully be live in the next month or so. It's very exciting to see how dedicated film agency's work and the footage they produce. It was like christmas day when looking through all of the clips! With these sort of projects, there is also a lot to learn. For example, working with RAW footage, that is very large in size. One solution to this I found, was just creating proxy files, which act as substitute, until you finally come to rendering the final piece and you just replace them with the hi res ones. Works like a charm and saves you a lot of space on your harddrive. I also realised that animating over 25 frame footage, means you better animate 25 frames! Because if you don't, it looks shit. And I learned that today, when creating the animatic. For example, drawing over someone who is moving past the camera; if the animation is lower frame rate, it will miss out frames in the footage, making it look delayed and naff. It might cost me more time but it's worth it in the end, to have a much smoother film.

More to come!