Nearly time to relax

A project I started back in July, is finally coming to a stage of fruition. And I have a ton of holidays left to take, so the next couple of months will hopefully be a well deserved rest.

Designing a UI for a VR game, is a whole new set of challenges. Learning how VR works, how the UI compliments it and basically how it should be as invisible as possible. The point of VR is the interaction within the 3D space. So when you introduce flat icons and interfaces, you're really bogging down the experience. Ofcourse, this is a huge challenge, when we have a lot of content to work with.

It's an amazing experience to get your head around something that is only just taking off. The App store hardly as any fully realised VR games. Instead, it's got rollercoaster simulators and 3D image apps. There's nothing where the content is delivered in 3D space and actually utilities the VR aspects. What we've created certainly an achievement, especially for the fact we were learning as we go.

As I get my head into slightly more graphic design-esque work, I'll leave this latest illustration I did for my behance project, 'X Portraits'.