2016! The year of unknown opportunities

So 2016 has rolled in and I couldn't have more excuses to be excited! Starting the year with my first step into the Creative industry, with a studio that I have grown to love already. For the past year, I've been constantly on edge, with the pressure of my final year at Uni, to avoiding the dole afterwards. With that very minor anxiety and pressure however, I managed to keep myself working right up until that long awaited offer came in; a permanent position at Whitespace.

The biggest change and skill I have acquired, was not how to use InDesign more efficiently, or how to set up documents for printing, but to have confidence in myself. The one thing I felt  shaken up after uni however, was my confidence. When there's a battle of whether to design for your tutors or to design for yourself, it really takes it's toll. Sometimes it's not as easy as: if you get straight 'A's', then you'll be employed instantly! If the work you do at uni, doesn't relate to the work the employers do, then how could they employ you? As a fellow designer said recently, it's about selling yourself and selling your goods. Doing a big abstract, 'acrylic' model of something is great and looks impressive, but who is that for? your tutor?  and is that the path you want to go down? If it is then great, but if you secretly love illustration, or typography, or photography, then don't do a frickin sculpture!

Now having my confidence, it feels like I can certainly relax a lot more and produce work that is anxiety free. It's been a great year, but I already know that 2016 will be better!

Hopefully now that I am starting to settle down, look for my own place and get stuck into my new job, I can start focusing on producing more personal projects, trying new things and pushing my skills further!