I do wonder sometimes, whats the right choice when deciding to use colour or not. There's no doubt it's a lot easier to use black and white. To get rid of anything in the colour palette, that might not get the reaction you're wanting. There's no doubt too, sometimes it's necessary to have black and white. I love black and white editorial designs! And I love it in illustrations too. But then I see it used in places where it's totally unnecessary. For example, saturating all of your photos. Especially photos of your project. Why drain colours from a project that  clearly was designed with colour in mind? It's not good presentation. It then becomes a strange self assurance that you are indeed a designer. As if it transforms your work into a more edgy, contemporary style.

I think it's great if you've taken a series of photos that have a reason behind the duotone effect, or you love to take casual snaps on Instagram. But I don't get the instant trend, that is turning everything into black and white, for the sole reason of a more edgy face value. If there was a rule book on how to be perceived as a trendy designer, it would definitely have somewhere, "Turn everything black and white".

As I said though, I love black and white designs, but only when it's used right. It's very easy to use methods and techniques in your work, but if you can't explain why you used them, then what the hell are you doing?