My first animation at Whitespace

So I was given the chance to stretch my legs and do a nice little animation project, at Whitespace. I had two weeks and was given the storyboard and all of the illustration assets, already pre designed by Katie McPherson. My job was just to give it life! and it was certainly another learning experience for me. For one, I've never been put in a disciplined scenario where I had to finish my animation, within alocated time (a week to be precise!). I have also never done animation that was so complex, even I started contemplating life as we know it. It put Inception to shame! But with all of these new experiences, I also learned from them and realised, if I just did this and that, then the next time will be a breeze. Even though I knew I had never done an animation in this conventional sense of the word, I was willing to challenge myself. I never did quite think of what if I fuck it up, or what if my computer has a melt down or I lose all the files. It never really occurred to me.. But then perhaps thats a good thing? Just running at it and tackling it as you go. Cos it seems to be the best way of learning. 

Kudos to Katie McPherson for the awesome illustrations.